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Our Services

  • Helping you break through a research block
  • Translating old documents from Dutch to English
  • Transcribing documents that are difficult to read.
  • Explaning difficult to understand documents.
  • General help with researching your ancestors.
  • Validation of your own genealogical research

In the initial free consultation, we will discuss what the objective of the research will be and whether I'll be the right person to help you.
After the consultation, I will send you a contract.
In this contract will be a breakdown of what will be necessary to achieve the objective and the hours it will cost.
When the contract has been agreed, the research can commence after a down payment of 25% has been received.

Naturally, there's no guarantee that the objective will be fulfilled.
I will always provide a full, detailed, report. In this report all research conducted and all the results will be clearly explained.
All sources will be cited and also included, will be copies of all relevant documents. 

I will also provide "Suggestions for further research".